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10БлогWhat will Phase Two introduce into WoW Classic

With the advent of World Of Warcraft Classic, we thought it`d be a fantastic time to get reacquainted with some of our favorite characters in the original version of the game. Here are 15 of our fave characters in WoW Classic.. The OG Warchief of the Horde needs no introduction, but we`ll give him one. Thrall is responsible for the founding of Durotar and Orgrimmar, the Horde`s capital city. In World Of Warcraft Classic, Thrall can be found by his throne at the Valley of Wisdom within Orgrimmar, and is introduced early in their journey.

Thrall`s undergone many changes in the years since giving up his Warchief title through the occasions of the Cataclysm expansion to Garrosh Hellscream. Players who have followed the story since then know that the Horde has never really been the same since Thrall resigned, so it`s going to probably be quite refreshing for many Horde lovers to see Thrall restored to his rightful spot in Classic.

World of Warcraft Classic has had a monumental launch, bringing millions of players and igniting the MMORPG genre. The hype finished the content and has come to a stand-still after players have reached the highest level. As a result, the temptations are becoming smaller and the participant base is gradually dying. Fortunately, Classic is not over yet. There are a total of six stages, each with brand new dungeons and systems-- in a similar manner to the original game. Stage Two will be a deal-breaker for WoW fans, enticing the brand new and hopefully bringing players back.

What will Phase Two introduce into WoW Classic? World bosses are coming to Classic in Stage 2, giving gamers the chance to farm fresh content, and gear. Apart from Molton Core and Onxyia`s Lair, gamers will have two supervisors to farm. Although the wyrm Azuregos will probably be seen lingering in Azshara lord Kazzak will dwell in the Blasted Lands. Each of the bosses will call for a raid group to kill, giving another chance to gear up to gamers. The Maul dungeon will also be added to the game.

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