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Wintertodt is the fastest method for firemaking, therefore this is simply not correct. Firemaking has always been the skill that shouldve never been a ability to start with. OSRS has done a better job of creating variety without nerfing it that it is considered an accomplishment. Wintertodt is a much more engaging way to achieve similar (but better) rates compared to other less participating procedures. It breathed life that no one respected or even wished to perform. There will be people who devote years of the life to osrs, and it will be different than every other match. There were people with 200m in ability even before the 07 scape existed.I think that it is since RS3 didnt choose the components from RS2/RS2 HD such as aggressive material, is what has killed a sizable chunk of the runescape playerbase and the current MTX content bypassing, level bypassing crap only adds more to the harm and encourages the wrong sort of runescape playerbase. Again, to each their own however, the current trend has definitely damaged runescape and runescape playerbase.The vast majority of Runescape`s content is about as viable as Solitaire, as well as Solitaire`s probably more aggressive, honestly. Ability is required by the kind. Runescape"competitive gambling" requires time and RNG, except possibly for end-game bossing and PvP - neither of which can be at all related to the"back in my day" rant I responded to.

This is. This whole spiel of playing off as the guy that is good by going. "Oh well we know you appreciate your time. That means you may just give us more money" Is such transparent bullshit and people gobble it up. Paying to jump isn`t"valuing your time". It is a sign that maybe runescape is not for you. If you hate playing runescape so much that you would rather fork over your pay check what are you accomplishing? It does devalue others have spent making matters. There will be individuals who wish to pretend that is a single runescape player game and that what other folks do has 0 impact on anyone else but that`s just blatantly untrue.

I do not really mind stuff like expertise boosters and bonus xp. Maybe it`s because I maxed a couple accounts? My problem is purchasing straight progression without needing to socialize with ANY articles of runescape. Lamps should be removed from all MTX and replaced with xp modifiers like bonus xp and heartbeat cores. I also believe all proteans ought to be removed from runescape UNLESS they add recipes for them via Invention (or some other skill or action, doesn`t really matter to me). Obviously the entire loot box thing is really shitty. I have been a fan of that kind of MTX, even in different matches. So I would like to see changed.

At least stop giving me FREE KEYS * when I log in on my accounts, popups. I never will spend my money on loot boxes and don`t have. And even if I`d begin opening loot boxes with real money for some reason, it`s ridiculous to think I would start with RuneScape. Really, I do agree that selling time savers is admitting runescape is bad. Especially for a big sandbox RPG.I`d concur in most situations, however, there are parts of each game that if you play through it again you want you could bypass. I am not saying that it`s justification, but there are instances in my ironman I wish I could simply skip the grind and reach the quests since that is my favorite section of runescape.

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