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  • ВакансииCK4344-001 Air Jordan 3 SE Animal To Release Next Month

    [URL=https://www.newjordan1.com]New Jordan[/URL] will be releasing two exotic renditions of the Air Jordan 3 as part of an upcoming “Animal Pack” for the Spring 2020 season.Both Air Jordan 3 SE “Animal” features pony hair and premium animal print materials with “INSTINCT” underneath the tongues atop Gum rubber outsoles.One pair comes dressed in “Black/Sail-Gum Light Brown-Multi-Color” and the other sports a “Black/Dark Mocha-Rope-Multi-Color” color scheme.

    [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-air-max/]Nike Air Max Triax 96 Varsity Royal[/URL] Featuring the same iconic shape, materials, and visible Air unit, Nike Air Max Triax 96 Varsity Royal has all the simple details that runners fell in love with back in 1996.Recognizable for its round laces, mesh tongue, and leather swoosh tab on the mesh toe box, the AM Triax 96 also stands out amongst the era’s Air Max releases for its slighter, more proportionate visible Air unit—in the mid-90s, oversized and full-length Air Max were trending.One of the AM Triax 96’s OG colorways, the sneaker’s lightweight Blue mesh upper is supported by smooth White leather and Black suede overlays.Still, for a silhouette with a smaller Air unit, the AM Triax 96 has an outsized impact for the comfort and style many remember.

    [URL=https://www.jordans2019shoes.com]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL],Tom Sachs’ Nike Mars Yard 2.0 recently released exclusively in kids’ sizing back in October 2019, and now it appears –This version of the Nike Mars Yard 2.0 will feature new materials from its original release, while keeping all its signature details including a mesh upper with Brown suede overlays and Red Swoosh logos on the sides.thanks to its latest production tag, the shoes will be returning in limited quantities in 2020.It’s rumored the launch will be limited to only 8,000 pairs.
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  • ВакансииFragment x Clot x Nike Air Force 1 Black Silk Sale on Black Friday

    [URL=https://www.jordans2019shoes.com]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL] is bringing back the “Triple Red” theme that was once famous a few years ago on a few of their latest models, which includes the Air Max 270.Finishing off the design is a Red Air Max 270 heel unit atop a matching rubber outsole.Nike Air Max 270 University Red features a University Red mesh upper with matching tonal branding throughout.

    [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-air-force-1/]Fragment x Clot x Nike Air Force 1 Black Silk[/URL] comes dressed in a Black, University Red, and White color scheme. It features a Black silk upper covered in Chinese characters with Black leather Swoosh logos on the sides.Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment and Edison Chen’s Clot are teaming up to collaborate on an upcoming Nike Air Force 1 scheduled to release later this fall.A White midsole, Gum rubber outsole and Red co-branded insoles completes the design.

    [URL=https://www.2019mensjordans.com]2019 Mens Jordans[/URL],Both High and Low versions have been given an luxurious makeover, which feature soft tumbled leather and a suede wrap to the midsole.A Ma Maniére founder James Whitner opened his new restaurant wearing an unreleased Nike Air Force 1 that is now set to be releasing later this year.They’re both individually numbered for transparency and collectability. The High is limited to 5,914 pairs, while only 5,269 pairs will be available for the Low.
    30 ноября 2019 05:40
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  • ??????????ВакансииLottie ???????? - ????????????? ???????

    ????? ??????? ???????? lottie.
    ? ???????? ???????????? ??????? - ???????? ??? ?? ????? ?????????????.
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    Since the United Kingdom government issued a set of recommendations in its report that pointed out that loot boxes ought to be regulated following the law of gambling as a result of this"long-term impairment" that these mechanics can cause. "The video game industry hasn`t sufficiently accepted the duty of understanding or preventing this damage. "Recently, companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo announced that they would publish all the odds of loot in a way to begin regulating themselves.

    The times when you spend $60 for a game and get all of the content are a very long time past, since microtransactions bring as much gain which you can practically hold the game for free rather than cut too much.Publishers of such games are counting the so-called"whale", which stinks hundreds or perhaps thousands of euros from the sport. Nevertheless, the sad fact is that these are usually not some Arab principals, but people with addictions who must never play such games or have their credit card taken.

    A British citizen spent as much as $62,000 in the game. This can be an adult that has accumulated this debt for his parent. A review of the bank statements revealed that in just 1 day, he wasted $309 over five obligations to Jagex programmer. The participant has long been enticed by players of completely raping the game with intrusive microtransactions and, despite all of the warnings, has done nothing up to now.

    Jagex said that one third of the profits come from micro obligations and two-thirds from vouchers. They also said that some might spend over $ 1,000 a week or more than 6,000 a month, but in the previous 12 months, just 1 participant has reached that limit. Let`s wager this hero is just the aforementioned British actor.Microtransactions really are a big issue and it`s high time we introduced a few regulations. Games that have gaming mechanics should, in my opinion, have some warning about the box, and it should be exactly the same in electronic shops. When such games become the property of someone who cannot restrain themselves in squandering, it could quickly happen that virtual objects have ruined real lives.

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  • договорнаяВакансии3d-моделлёр

    Требуется 3d-визуализатор/моделлер на большой проект. Моделирование(или доделка/оптимизация готовых моделей ) приборов в 3d-max с последующей визуализацией.
    Необходимы знания: Solidworks(на уровне выполнения экспорта в AutoCad и 3D-Max), AutoCad(желательно) и 3D-Max(хорошие знания).
    Контакты: +7 913 822 5557, ICQ: 135821698
  • договорнаяВакансииДизайнер

    Требуется дизайнер-фрилансер для продолжительного сотрудничества. Требования: профессиональное владение графическими редакторами (Adobe Illustrator,
    Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW), выполнение работы в срок. Нужен талантливый, надежный, ответственный партнер. Оплата договорная, сдельная. Тел.: 230-213. Резюме и портфолио отправляйте на E-mail: lavka.mirov@bk.ru
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    Требуется юрист с опытом представительства в суде. Оплата договорная.
    ICQ: 108-23-255
    Почта: d_putrenko@un1con.tomsk.ru
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  • договорнаяВакансииДизайн утройства

    В короткие сроки необходимо разработать дизайн устройства, бытового и медицинского применения. Желательная среда разработки (SolidWorks), или то что может обработать Solid. Некоторая информация есть во вложении по остальным вопросам смогу ответить либо по почте, либо при встрече.
    28 ноября 2019 17:55
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  • Madden NFL 20 BlackБлогMadden NFL 20 Black Friday Offer 2019

    Madden NFL 20 is among the biggest games of the season and you can bet it will likely be on sale this weekend`s Black Friday 2019. Most places have previously told us concerning discounts in EA football games, and you may buy them at Walmart as little as $ 27 over the following few days.

    Walmart`s Black Friday promotion starts on November 27 and includes all kinds of other games together with Madden 20. Although some Game price may be cheaper than other retailers, Compared to Best Buy, GameStop and Target are mostly more expensive. We will give you the best MUT 20 Coins at the cheapest price.

    In the Madden NFL 20 review, EA`s latest football game scored 8/10. GameSpot`s Eddie Makuch praised its new X-factor features, weekly challenges, and on-demand games, saying the aforementioned was the top ever. However, the story plot elements in the QB1 model and minimal changes for the franchise model made him want.

    Madden NFL 20 is an improved version with the annual professional rugby series, which excels in many areas as well as to be improved on other occasions. The new QB1 career model including the quasi-NCAA football experience-overall is like a half-baked idea, without bringing anything meaningful or interesting. You can buy MUT 20 Coins on GameMS with fast delivery.

    However, the brand new X-factor and superstar features in live-action have completely changed the familiar game formula, providing the latest way for experienced players and novices to plan the two-party game and arrangement strategy in the ball. Links: https://www.gamems.com/madden-20-coins
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    MMOGO is a online store focusing on supplying Safe & Affordable MapleStory M Mesos for players. They`ve cooperated to get items and infinite Cheap in-game monies. No matter you are lvl 120, or lvl 80, you can find what you need on this site. You may search the ordering guide on YouTube, you can easily get 1 billion mesos with affordable cost, so which you can play as a pro in the casual cell phone game. You may also play with the sport by Android Simulator, we urge you Nox Simulator for you, it`s the very best simulator if you start multiple matches simultaneously. Bluestacks is decent too.

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    Most important, they do not sent Mesos for your accounts straight, they just meet you in the match and deliver the Mesos to your own face to face, therefore that I think that it`s safe enough and will not be scanned by Nexon. So I recommend you to buy Cheap MaplesStory M Mesos on their website, I don`t know if there are any other sites decent like MMOGO, however I`m sure absolutely you will delight in the transaction there.What`s more, they have many youtubers do movies so you may learn awesome gameplay out of them too.This is not an ad, only a real experience of a MapleStory M fan in Scania server.

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  • ВакансииNike SB Dunk High Space Jam debut on November 27th

    [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-sb-dunk/]Nike SB Dunk High Space Jam[/URL] is constructed out of a Black ballistic mesh and patent leather upper. A Space Jam version of the Nike SB Dunk High will be making its debut before the month comes to an end.Even more Space Jame 11 vibes are found by way of the custom “SB” heel tab logo done in the same font as the Air Jordan 11’s traditional 23 or 45 logo.Giving it that Space Jam vibe are the Concord accents, White midsole and icy translucent outsole.

    [URL=https://www.newjordan2019shoes.com]New Jordan 2019[/URL] Inspired by Chicago’s Drew Henderson, the Community-Focused AF1 comes dressed in a Black tumbled leather upper with matching inner liner and midsoles along with cow fur heel tabs.A Blue translucent outsole with checkerboard print to resemble the iconic Checkerboard Lounge on Chicago’s South Side.Nods to Chicago are spotted throughout the shoe and include details such as the city flag/skyline tongue tags, the Red/White pinstripe on the tongue liner as a nod to the White Sox uniforms from the early ’70s, and Green insoles to tribute dyeing the Chicago River during the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

    [URL=https://www.jordans2019shoes.com]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL] Slated to release soon, here are official images of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Pine Green.Details include the Black leather overlays, White leather on the side panels and the Green leather taking care of the toe, collar, Swoosh logo and rubber outsole.This new colorway of the Air Jordan 1 Mid is done in a Pine Green/White-Black-University Red color scheme. Giving it a little bit of a Christmas vibe are the Red hits noted on the Wings logo and tongue.
    22 ноября 2019 18:10
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    ?????? ??????? ? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ? ????. ?????? ?? 2500 ?????? ?? ???? ???????. ?????????? ??????? ???? ?????? ?? ?????: anastasia.zybareva@list.ru
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    It seems there`s a cop somewhere outside the gathering, and the neighbors have taken to [url=http://www.rsorder.com]osrs gold[/url] reporting cars on the street. "Park in the dirt lot or alley," Aurelius reminds everyone, repeating the command scrawled on a handwritten note posted at the entrance off the alleyway, where two black clad punks charge eight bucks to get in.
    I thought the interview was well done. It helped prepare me before I was to visit them. You see, I was with Kathy before she passed away. I visited with the family yesterday for the first time,the 18th, to share that she did not pass away without a friend near her. Besides thanking you for the interview, I wanted you to know what a hero she was. Even though she was shot, in pain, and bleeding, when I asked her to be strong and quiet for both of us, so the shooter would not come back,she did. She was strong and held on as long as she could. Kathy Gaarde is my hero, and will be missed.
    From all types of wedding dress and simple casuals to trendy handbags and necklace, flowers can be used for various fashionable things. Floral pattern in dresses are always in fashion, especially in summer, where a flower design can give refreshing feel. Nowadays, one can also see various accessories like goggles, rings, bracelets and ear cuffs in floral design. They give really eye pleasing and killer look to the wearer. Now one has every possible reason to believe that flowers have simply crafted the whole fashion industry in the most excellent way. Now, many of us definitely want to know about how flowers can be used in live fashion shows, as fashion runway is the most integral part of any fashion industry. So, kindly check out these points:
    You might consider this an odd time to float this idea, since Saturday afternoon marked the 2019 Yankees` first loss in 12 times deploying an opener. Yet even in this game, at Rogers Centre, opener Chad Green did his job by tossing a shutout first inning, and his successors Stephen Tarpley (two runs in 2 / innings) and Chance Adams (one run in 1 / innings) kept the Yankees in the game. Their second straight loss resulted from Vladimir Guerrero Jr.`s first career triple, a defensive swing on an 0 2 fastball from Adam Ottavino that stayed just fair inside the first base line and rolled far into right field.
    Want him to be (here) forever, said Mavs owner Mark Cuban in March. our kind of guy. Shoots, plays hard defensively. High swag level, low volume level, those kind of guys are good. Swaggy Swag a keeper. played three games against Steph and the Warriors in 2016 17, averaging 10.3 points and 6.0 assists per contest. In those games, Steph averaged 18.3 points and 6.7 assists.

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  • ВакансииCD2049-200 Nike Air Max 270 React Winter Khaki

    [URL=https://www.cadysneakers.com/product-category/nike-air-max-270/]Nike Air Max 270 React Winter Khaki[/URL] not hard to see why.Start with the upper, is painted in an earthy colour palette and crafted from a wide range of premium materials and textiles.A silhouette that completely changed the game when it made its debut earlier this year, it’s now been given a fully beefed up construction that’s perfect for the wet and windy months ahead, and here’s the scoop! Moving downwards is where the magic happens. Based off the AM270, the classic Air bubble sits around the heel in a bright green, but for added comfort, Bold blue and green accents hit the tongue and eye stays, and not only does it use the Swoosh’s brand new no sew upper, it also features a 3M Swoosh that shines bright even in low light conditions.the Beaverton brand have added a React foam unit around the forefoot, so the cushioning is twice as nice.

    [URL=https://www.2019sneakersrelease.com]2019 Sneakers Release[/URL] With a light grey leather upper, this is contrasted by darker shades at the lacing system and Air midsole and striking pops of red along the outsole.Nike Air Force 1 Low COS White Grey is an absolute no brainer.Of course, you can’t begin to talk about this new AF1 without mentioning the array of Swoosh logos that adorn the lateral and medial side panels.Part of the wildly popular COS pack, this release takes the silhouette to an entirely new level, and here’s everything that you need to know!To round it all off, a stainless steel lace locks completes the timeless look.Not only do we get the current version that’s undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands today, we also get Carolyn Davidson’s version that she designed in 1971 overlaid on top, as well as a smaller embroidered version closer to the front.

    [URL=https://www.newjordan2019shoes.com]New Jordan 2019[/URL] debuted one of the most iconic Nike silhouettes in history, and to celebrate this incredible milestone, they’ve unleashed the Jordan 4 What The 4!Featuring a mismatched design that’s sure to turn heads, the What The 4 actually takes its unique colour palette from the “Bred”, “Military Blue”, “Fire Red”, and “White Cement”. A shoe that’s three decades in the making, it is an amalgamation of four of the AJ4’s most legendary colourways, and the result is simply breathtaking.The classic Air midsole sits down below for comfort that’s far beyond competitors, and rounding it all off is the “Nike Air” badge around the heel that’s just like the original pair from 1989.Clean white leather hits the upper, while mesh and suede elements also provide the perfect balance of materials.
    20 ноября 2019 19:24
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